Installation Information

Installation information

We have pulled together some useful information surrounding best practices of installing our cladding, however  all information is generic and to be used as a guide.  For more information about your specific project contact us direct, or speak to your installer.


Internal fitting : If you or your installer are not fitting directly onto a brick or block wall, then we would recommend using  6mm or 12 mm hardie backer boards.

External fitting : We would recommend using 19mm Tongue and Groove Hardie Backer Boards or Knauf Aqua Panels (tanking the external boards is an option).  If the substate is note even/rough or plumb, then we suggest that a render coat be used.

In some cases heights over 3000mm require mechanical fixings.  We would then suggest the Ancon Range or for more information, please contact us direct.

Our range of cladding ranges from 56kg/m2

For more information, please see our Cladding Master Guide

Sizes & Quantities:

For rectangular sizes and quantities click here 


Prior to fitting we recommend that you open all creates and intermix pallets to ensure variation throughout your build.

It would also be advisable to pre-was the material before installation to remove any dust generated through packing/ transportation.

Estimating stone required:

  1. For flats measure width x height (remember to deduct windows and doors).
  2. For corners measure the vertical heights to give the linear meters.
  3. Add on extra for selection, waste & errors.  Different patterns require different levels of waste.  Remember if you are short on materials, this could lead to a delay in build.

Additional information:

  • Never use acid cleaning.
  • Do not get adhesive on the face of the material
  • The stone is all natural and does not require to be sealed
  • most of our range does not require grouting as they abut to each other
  • small wedge spacers can be used to level.
  • Start at the bottom and work upwards.  Build corners at the same level as the flats, one row at a time to ensure they are level…… Stand back, check… and admire!!!!